Monday, October 31, 2011

Woodsman Tavern

Name: Woodsman Tavern
Location: Portland, OR

The Woodsman Tavern recently opened in Portland. From the initial photos, it looks delicious! (Which it should, considering it's owner is also the founder of Stumptown!) The dark wood paneled walls, industrial chairs and tables and vintage inspired bar all make for a space fitting of its Portland location. I love the collection of vintage landscapes and repetition of brass pulls at the bar. Perfectly rustic, warm and comfortable which is everything you could want in a bar.

All photos © Eater

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Name: Nopi
Location: London
Designer: Alex Meitlis

What I love most about this space is the materials. Nopi considers itself a brasserie, but you might not see it right away. The traditional materials found in a brasserie; marble, wood & brass are introduced in a completely new way. This play is what makes the entire space successful. Although the materials have been used in a slightly more contemporary and upscale manner, the space retains a comfortable and familiar vibe.  The downstairs uses many of the same materials as the upstairs but feels as though you are eating right in the kitchen. Shelves filled with storage for the kitchen, line the dining room walls and traditional subway tile is intruded in a grander scale. Tables also change and help represent the more communal nature of the downstairs.




All photos ©

Thursday, October 27, 2011

McNally Jackson Cafe

Name: McNally Jackson Cafe
Location: New York, NY
Designer: Front Studio

I love the details of this small cafe that is a part of the McNally Jackson Bookstore in the Nolita neighborhood of NY. Keeping with the book-ish theme, the entire back wall is "wallpapered" with pages from books, the light fixtures are made from books attached to posts and bulbs and there are even small ledges attached to the back wall that are able to fold down and open like books allowing customers a place to rest a book and cup of coffee on. 

All photos via Contemporist

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wexlers BBQ

Name: Wexlers BBQ
Location: San Francisco, CA
Designer: Aidlin Darling Design

Located in San Francisco, a BBQ joint is actually fairly novel (oddly enough). Extremely great design, however, is not. This old firehouse has been completely repurposed and is now a beautiful mix of modern and rustic. The undulating form suspended from the ceiling references the smoke required to create the beautiful food presented. I adore how modern this space feels while still retaining the classic rustic elements.

Pinned Image
All photos © Pinterest/ Wexlers BBQ/ Furfin

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Bakery at Cakes & Ale

Name: The Bakery at Cakes & Ale
Location: Decatur, Georgia
Designer: Seiber Design

Cakes & Ale recently translated their much loved bistro into a larger new home. With the move came the addition of additional square feet and the dream of a bakery. The space feels clean and casual while emphasizing cool colors contrasted with warm, natural textures. The custom booths and raised bar area are what truly stand out to about this space. It emphasizes the long, narrow space while still opening it up and making it accommodating to various guests' needs. I can't wait to check back in on this space after it has had some time to settle in.

All images © Cakes & Ale Restaurant

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Bedford Post Inn

Location: Bedford, NY
Designer: Carey Lowell and Tiffany Vassilakis

The Bedford Post Inn, owned by Richard Gere (yes, the 'Pretty Woman' Richard Gere), is located only an hour away from New York City, yet feels worlds apart. A traditional structure from the 1860's, the Inn now features eight guest rooms, two restaurants and a yoga barn. The Barn, the Inn's more casual restaurant, features timber beams, tiled floors and dark millwork. The Farmhouse, the Inn's more upscale and formal restaurant features a mix of wood tones and textures, modern pendant fixtures and stunning built-in wine storage. The traditional elements of this restoration, mixed with the classic farmhouse and modern & clean furnishings create an environment that is timeless and intimate. 

All images © The Bedford Post Inn
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