Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Standard Baking Co.

Name: Standard Baking Co.
Location: Portland, ME

One of the simplest pleasures in life is a great baked good. The perfect croissant is hard to find and although many try, most fail. The standard Baking Co. located below Fore Street restaurant in Portland Maine, has succeeded in this endeavor. To add to the beauty of finding another perfect croissant (That last was to be seen in San Francisco, over two years ago!) is that the interior, while small, perfectly fit the goods they were serving. Rustic and warm with displays of fresh baked goods lining shelves and filling baskets, the smells and charm welcomes you. The service counter is located between the baking ovens and prep area allowing you to watch the entire baking process unfold. If you are in the area, you should certainly stop in. (and should stop in early, they sell out quick!)

All images © Kaper Design

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Name:  Duckfat
Location: Portland, ME

With a name like 'Duck Fat' you really can't go wrong.  This was the second time I've been here and will easily be back again. The food is great but the real star is the duck fat fries and multiple dipping sauces you can choose to accompany them. The space itself is located on a cobblestone street with large front facing windows. An outdoor ledge allows you to dine or drink outside on warmer days without protruding into the sidewalk. What I love the most about the space is how inclusive and local it feels, the interior remains simple and warm which works well within the small space.

Image 1 © Maine Boats
Image 3-4 © Ducat

Friday, May 25, 2012

South End Buttery

Name: South End Buttery
Location: Boston

Our most recent trip East allowed us to venture out to a few restaurants and cafes that have been high on our lists for quite a while. One of these, the South End Buttery was the perfect spot for a drizzly Monday morning. We grabbed a few pastries and a coffee to go and after a few quick snapshots, were off to explore the streets of the South End. The Buttery was the quintessential neighborhood spot, great attention to detail, creamy whites, rich wood floors and incredible woodwork made the space charming and warm. If we hadn't had more spots to explore, we could have easily spent the day here!

Image 1 © Hope in High Heels
Image 2 © Kaper Design

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Midwest's Best; Parish Food & Goods

Name: Parish Food & Goods
Location: Atlanta, GA
Design:  B.B.Barn (branding/logo), Concentrics Hospitality

Located in Atlanta, Parish represents Southern culture and incorporates a deli, restaurant, and market all into one. With great branding, a clean logo, and a wonderful layering of southern antiques amid restored brick, this space manages to feel welcoming and warm.

Image 1,3,5 ©
Image 2,4,6,7 @ Concentrics Restaurants

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mile End Sandwich & Delicatessen

Name: Mile End Sandwich & Delicatessen
Location: New York

Mile End started out as a local Jewish Deli but has recently added on a sandwich shop crafted with quality design. Playing on the materials already used in the original deli; white tile, blonde wood, and a minimal color palate, the Sandwich Shop incorporates and reimagines them. Giving the spaces a similar and harmonious feel while maintaining separate identities for each. The geometric bling wood table running through the center of the Sandwich shop creates visual interest and traffic flow, while also maximizing seating. Let's take a look;

First, the Sandwich Shop.

And, the Delicatessen.

Mile End Delicatessen - Brooklyn, NY

Mile End Delicatessen - Brooklyn, NY

Mile End Delicatessen - Brooklyn, NY

Image 1-3© Eater NY
Image 4- 6© Eric Isaac via Snapfo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

West Egg Cafe

Name: West Egg Cafe
Location: Atlanta, GA
Design: Square Feet Studio

What catches my eye about West Egg Cafe, located in the heart of Atlanta, is it's simplicity and authenticity. In design, simplicity always seems like it would be the easiest element to achieve when in reality, it's one of the hardest. Keeping a minimal palate and limited materials drives you to analyze each components location, use, and function in the larger picture. Creating a space that is functional, efficient, and cohesive while avoiding the sparse, under-developed feeling traditionally associated with simplicity and minimalism, is a true test. West Egg Cafe accomplished this simplicity and still managed to create a visually interesting, functional, and inviting space.

All photos © square feet studio

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tiny Cafe

Name: Tiny Cafe
Location: Australia
Design: Foolscap Studio

At under 150SF, this cafe packs everything in while managing to keep the space clean, cohesive, and fun.  With a kitchen, coffee machine and seating for 12 all located under a set of stairs ins hat used to be an old laundry cupboard, Tiny used space saving solutions like folding down tables and a simple color palate to keep the space focused and efficient.

Tiny Cafe Sections

All images © Foolscap

Friday, May 11, 2012

Baker D.Chirico

Name: Baker D. Chirico
Location: Australia
Design: March Studio
Branding/Logo: Fabio Ongarato Design

At the office, we swoon anytime we see a great, cohesive concept. Baker D. Chirico nailed it. Keeping the palate clean and limiting it's colors to black, white, and blonde keeps the interior space and branding fresh and allows for a juxtaposition between tradition and modern. Allowing the bread storage to be an architectural and sculptural fixture gives the space a feeling of the unexpected and keeps the concept unique.

Baker D. Chirico brand identity

Baker D. Chirico brand identity

Baker D. Chirico brand identity

All photos © ID via Peter Bernnetts

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Name: Garagistes
Location: Hobart, Tasmania
Design: Paul Johnson (architect) & Kirk Richardson (owner)

This minimal warehouse space is a great example of a well though through concept. At first glance, the simple community tables, exposed beams and brick walls evoke a clean and styled space. Knowing all elements were made locally by local artisans, weaves a unique texture into the design. With the all of the food coming from four local vendors, the idea of local and sustainable was taken to a whole new level. Keeping with this idea, you can understand how sourcing all of the furniture and fittings from local craftsmen(even their dishes are created from local clay and glazes) keeps their vision and concept strong and cohesive.

Image 1-3 © Habitus Living

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sight Glass

Name: Sight Glass
Location: San Francisco

My love for coffee and well designed coffee shops can easily be traced back to San Francisco. With new shops and roasters opening up daily, the coffee scene there is exciting and second to none. The coffee scene in Chicago could use a little work. With everyone brewing Metropolis or Intelligentisia, it's been refreshing to see Stumptown, Bow & Truss, and La Colombe enter the mix but it still lacks the local, small batch roasting you see everywhere out West. Sight Glass is just one of the many well designed roasters opening up all around SF and the interior is just as beautiful as their art. With a double story space outfitted with exposed wood beams, metal stools, and curved coffee bar, the space is industrial, warm and exciting.

Large tables, exposed beams and even light from skylights make the second floor a comfortable place for a cup of coffee. Sightglass Coffee company took the interior of a nondescript warehouse on 7th Street in San Francisco, Calif. and reinvented it with interlocking levels and renovations.

Photo 3 © Inside Scoop SF
Photos 1,2,4 © The Cabinet Shop
Photos 5-6 © Brewly Noted

Friday, May 4, 2012


Name: August
Location: New York

August is a lesson in rustic. Wide plank wood and cobblestone floors meet distressed walls peeling with layers of blues and greens. The entire space gives off a warm glow and feels entirely comfortable and rooted. The greenhouse like space located in the back of the restaurant makes you feel like you could be anywhere but NYC, creating an intimate experience and beckoning you to stay a while.

All images © August

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