Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A colorful treat; The Pantone® Hotel

Name: Pantone® Hotel
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Designer: Michel Penneman & Olivier Hannaert

I have yet to meet a designer who doesn't love Pantone®. The color standard for almost all creative fields, their iconic branding has established a loyalty in even the most color-phobic among us. In the past few years, Pantone has done an excellent job at not only remaining relevant, but also main stream and desirable. The product design that has come out in full force as of recent, has established a renewed love within me and I was overjoyed to see an entire space dedicated to the love of color and color theory.

Each room and floor is themed based on color. Guests can choose the color or emotion they would like to experience and will receive a unique space catered to that very color. 

Besides the rooms, the public spaces throughout the hotel are also coated in intense, saturated colors. 

Image 1 © Karen Haller
Images 2-3 © Dezeen
Images 4-6 © Apartment Therapy
Image 7- 9 © NY Times


  1. Wow that's insane...all those colors! The other day I was looking where Pantone paints are sold and there is not 1 vendor in GA or SC but 11 in New York and I think over 6 or 7 were on the island.

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  3. I know! You can tell who their primary demographic still is. It is interesting that despite their product design and branding towards the public, they still remain a predominately 'for designer' company. Because their colors are CMYK based, you could always take the color code to your local paint store. It might not be exact depending on the base used, but it should be easier to find.


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