Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Creative Alliance Cafe

Name: Creative Alliance Cafe
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Design: Kroiaz Architecture & PI.KL

The Creative Alliance has acted as the community hub for gallery and artists space for over 20 years. With the most recent expansion, they tackled adding a restaurant and bar space with full commercial kitchen to the mix and the results are beautiful.

Focusing on materials that are quintessentially Baltimore; steel, dark brick, reclaimed wood, and granite were all used within the space to add familiarity. The wood wall along the back was created using old wood floor boards from a neighboring home that was being torn down and the granite counter is a nod to the granite stoops commonly found in the area.

A local artists created the vibrant mural along the back bar. The bold artwork adds just enough life into the space to contrast the dark,warm, and industrial vibe.


  1. I love that they used woods from a torn down house and local granite.

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