Friday, June 8, 2012

Local Favorite; Telegraph

Name: Telegraph
Location: Chicago

Telegraph could quickly become a new favorite destination for me here in the city. Located in Logan Square, the space is well designed and feature a great amount of craftsmanship throughout. From the unique, wood bar wrapping around both sides of the space to the rustic, dovetailed wood shelves the space creates a warm and inviting environment whether you come for a date or with a group of friends. Here are a few hits and misses;

There wasn't a single low point in our entire meal. A rare but very welcomed situation!
-The food was rustic, simple but managed to surprise me with every dish. We had the Whipped Foie Gras, Roasted whole red snapper, blood sausage, and strawberry freddo sandwich with sunflower crunch. All were phenomenal, well executed, and a good portion size for two to split.
-The interior was well crafted and thoughtful.
-Attention to detail; throughout the meal, our table was cleared, wiped down, and re-set for every course. Silverware was brought to the table in a beautiful wooden box with just what was needed to replace what was removed. The wait staff retiring dishes to the kitchen placed a napkin over all bus tubs and dishes before walking through the space. It's the small, often overlooked by even the most popular restaurants, that truly made this experience amazing.

-Two and four top table bases were a bit cumbersome and awkward. Wearing pants, it wasn't as big of a deal but had I worn a dress or skirt, it may have been quite awkward.
-The pendants in the front windows needed some help with their cord management. There were zip ties securing the cords and keeping them in place, but the zip ties were not cut and the long 'tail' could be seen. A small detail, but again extremely important.

Image © Telegraph
Image © Food Arts
Image © Kaper Design

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