Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pizza East

Name: Pizza East
Location: London ( & soon, Chicago!)

One of my most anticipated openings for Chicago is Pizza East, even though it isn't scheduled to open until Spring 2014. Already a staple for progressive pizza in London, the Chicago location will be tucked away off of Randolph Street (located inside the upcoming SoHo House). Using the location as the inspiration, the interior takes on an industrial-rustic feel. In addition to the actual dining space, Pizza East Shoreditch, also houses a deli, allowing you to take the seasonal and specialty ingredients home with you. Chicago's Randolph Street also has an industrial past and I can hardly wait to see a few similar elements and materials in their first US Pizza East space.

Pizza East

All images © Pizza East


  1. Beautiful! I love the idea of being able to get some of the ingredients there and take home with you.

    1. I agree! It allows the feeling of inspiration, which at least I always seem to get after eating in a neat space, to be acted upon!


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